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A conviction for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including loss of your license, higher insurance premiums, heavy fines and jail time. If you were stopped and charged with a DUI/DWI in the Wheaton area or anywhere in Illinois, Giudice Law, Ltd. is here to help. I understand that good people can make mistakes and that breathalyzers can give false readings. I have the knowledge necessary to challenge the evidence against you and the ability to help you pursue the best possible outcome.

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I strive to satisfy your emotional, financial and legal needs by representing your interests at every turn. My firm may be able to have charges thrown out by demonstrating that an equipment or procedural error resulted in an unfair charge. I will examine whether or not law enforcement followed proper protocol in regard to:

  • The stop — Police must be able to demonstrate that they pulled you over based on "reasonable suspicion" that you were acting in violation of the law.
  • The sobriety test — There are specific rules that police must follow when administering field sobriety tests, including when measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.
  • The equipment — Breathalyzer machines have provided inaccurate results in the past, and their reliability can be questioned.
  • The arrest — For an arrest to be valid, an officer must inform you of your Miranda rights.
  • The evidence — Blood samples and other types of evidence must be stored in certain conditions in order to maintain their integrity.

As a caring DUI attorney, I will strive to get you the respect you deserve and the results you desire.

Trusted lawyer provides advice on handling DUI stops

If you are ever pulled over by the police on suspicion of drunk driving, there are several ways you can help yourself:

  • Remain calm and be polite — If you are nervous, police officers may think that you are hiding something or are intoxicated.
  • Don't allow a search without a warrant — Any evidence police find in your car can be used to support a DUI conviction.
  • Take the sobriety test — Refusing to take a test may make an officer more suspicious and lead to an arrest. The results of a test can always be challenged later.
  • Get a blood test after release — It’s a good idea to measure your BAC with a blood test after arrest. At trial, your attorney may use that evidence to raise possible defenses.

Being arrested for a DUI or DWI is an incredibly difficult experience. At Giudice Law, Ltd., I can help you to face the charges against you so that you can regain your dignity and move forward with your life.

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If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, a skilled and compassionate defense attorney can advocate for your charges to be dismissed or reduced. Call Giudice Law, Ltd., in Wheaton, today at 630-984-7516 or contact me online to set up a free consultation.

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